Ocean-freight prices

Departure from Surabaya - East Java - Indonesia

destination 20 ft. container 40 ft. containers
Antwerp USD 1650 USD 2900
Barcelona USD 1650 USD 2900
Valencia USD 1650 USD 2900
Hamburg USD 1700 USD 2900
Genoa USD 1650 USD 2900
Le Havre USD 1650 USD 2900
Rotterdam USD 1650 USD 2900
New York USD 2850 USD 3750
Miami USD 2850 USD 3750
Los Angeles USD 2150 USD 2750
Oakland USD 2150 USD 2750

Local charges

Local charges are the Cargo services to be paid in the exporting Country (in this case Indonesia). Ocean-freight may be either pre-paid (paid at the source [Indonesia] ) or collect (paid upon arrival at destination). Local charges for a pre-paid container include:

Extra charges for a collect container:

Also, there are packing charges (boxes,wooden crates) and fumigation is required to prevent mold and insure safe trading world wide.

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